Thursday, November 7, 2013

Epeorus Indispensable

Most of blog readers and people who know me in person know that I'm a soft-hackle addict........

Description: Epeorus mayfly is one of most important summer hatches around here in SW Montana. Prime examples are at Yellowstone and Madison Rivers. One shouldn't underestimate this mayfly because of the more well-known such as PMD, caddis, hopper, ants, stoneflies, etc., during summer months. As it's often referred as "Pink Lady", indeed this mayfly has some "pink-ish" along with the classic PMD appearances. That reminded me of one of classic English style soft-hackle patterns = Tups Indispensable (or Indispensible). I tweaked with more "mayfly" in mind. I started to experiment myself and with my clients during float trips. Trout responded accordingly. Even when hatches (not just epeorus' but also other insects' as well) started waning, I trailed this behind hoppers. Trout still loved to take them during "dog-days" of summer. It just seemed trout would make out something chewy and tasty out of this. So I'd like to introduce to you confidence and assurance.

Hen hackle - this is my (and trout's) favorite.

Partridge hackle if you prefer.

Much simpler patter with a bit heavier scud/emerger hook.

Yeah........I recall it was one hot afternoon........ but this nice Cutty couldn't resist when this lovely soft-hackle wandering right in front of it........

Size: 16
Price: $2.25 each

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