Saturday, November 9, 2013

Egg Muddler Series

The last but the not the least (as of now, I mean), these are also concoctions of "old & new" (in terms of styles and materials). As you've seen, recently I've been working on small patterns. Now don't get me wrong. I still tie and fish with large articulated streamers. However, been guiding lots of clients, I have to say that not everyone is equipped with proper skills and gears to fish with streamers (5", give or take). I can't suggest them (not to mention, force them) to fish with this way during the limited amount of times given to me during guided trips. Also, always trying to "think like fish", trout may have seen many big patterns for the past couple of years as lots of people have been fishing that way (I for one). It may be a time to give them some breaks from big artillery. This is the background of me coming back to small patterns (2 to 3 inches long).  And this is why I review great old patterns. Yet fortunately modern tyers have much more accesses to fancy & handy materials than our predecessors did. So I can tweak some old patterns. The Three fundamental of fly designing is "shape", "color", & "size". For streamers, I also consider "Castability" & "Movement". (I also have to consider "eye-appealing" to fly-buyers!!)

Anyway, these smaller patterns give anglers some options to fish with. It can be still fished with sink-lines & short butt leader. But also for those who don't have sink-lines, these can be fished with float-line, long-leader, plus split shots. It can be fished by dead-drifting under indicators. Not to mention, these patterns are deadly at spring creeks too!!

Description: Muddler style deer-hair head is still the best feature among all streamer patterns. This is my idea with all other goodies; barbell-eye, egg, possum fur, rubber legs, and marabou. Egg or egg-incorporated patterns should NOT be limited only during spawning seasons. Rest of 3 materials will make this little pattern with full of movements!!

I don't really classify this series either as specific imitation or as general streamers. This can be taken as both because it incorporates many good aspects. These colors (or combinations of colors), combined with miscellaneous techniques and gears, will cover most common forage fish.

I'm using Bent hooks (Dai-Riki 700B & MFC 7073) to add some funny impression & practical appearances. 

I can instruct you how to fish and suggest appropriate gears (rod, line, etc) to fish this type of flies properly. I just don't write all here as it can be long. So ask me as you order or as you fish. 

1. Black over Olive (Size 4, 6): This imitates mottled sculpin, baby trout, etc.  
2. Olive over Natural Tan (Size 4, 6): This imitates mottled sculpin, baby rainbow trout, etc.
3. Natural tan over White (Size 4, 6): This imitates light-colored sculpin, whitefish minnow, sucker minnow, and dace. 

Here's the real thing....... from Livingston's spring creeks.

I believe this would be a sculpin but I'm not sure the cause of death. Killed by trout? Will trout eat this if this is dead-drifted to its mouth?.......maybe?

Specify size as you order.  
Price$4.00 each

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