Thursday, November 14, 2013


Description: It has to start with the same old cliches: ants and beetles are as important as hoppers during summer months. However these two are very much overshadowed by big gulps on hoppers (only if they happened) and high visibility & buoyancy of modern foam patterns. I, along with many other good guides/anglers who have understanding, can't emphasize the fact that even the "hopper-wariest" trout can be fooled by ant and/or beetle patterns. Native Yellowstone Cutthroat in streams of Northeast Yellowstone Park is the prime example. Major fishing season coincides the period right after their spawning. They will rise on large attractors or hopper patterns with delight. Then more anglers show up and repeat the process. Soon they get fed up and bored. Also huge cutty, rainbows, and cutbow hybrids of Slough Creek below campground are known to own encyclopedias of all of our hopper patterns and materials being used!! In these situations, ant and beetles patterns have been the savior of the day. Classic Parachute Ant and my own Combo Ant are some of my go-toes. So here's my new addition. Visibility and buoyancy are well achieved, just like any other hopper patterns. But over all silhouette is much smaller, just like ants and beetles.

 Juicy looking under-side = trout view!!

An 11-inch Cutthroat was regurgitating like this......... See ALL KINDS & SIZES of beetles!!

Size: 12, 14, 16
Price: $2.25 each

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