Sunday, May 12, 2013

Winged Victory Nymph - More Variations

My original Winged Victory Nymph - BWO has been a successful fly since its birth. It has become THE Essential hatch-matching pattern at Livingston's spring creeks. With further studies of other mayfly species and newly acquired tying materials, I have expanded color & size variations. Just as BWO variation, these are also recommended to trail behind visible dry-flies WITHOUT any floatant. Let them sink naturally to the depth where trout are selectively feeding on ascending nymphs. "Sink naturally" includes the depth just below the surface film! So grease trailer tippet accordingly instead!!
Split Wing-case, protruding wings, and famous EYES (all crated by rubber legs) are just the same!

PMD Dark size 16 & 18
Top view.

PMD Light size 16 & 18 
Top view

SULPHUR size 16 & 18
Top view

PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION: Published at YouTube (BWO version).  Click Here. Word file is also available upon request.

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