Thursday, May 2, 2013


DESCRIPTION: This became the HOTTEST FLY & CREATION of 2013 early season!!  As spring approaches, trout start to look up and take midges and Spring BWO at DePuy Spring Creek ( in Livingston, MT. Most of anglers at the creek tend to target huge run-up rainbows in spawning phase with whatever methods work. Even anglers who want to pursue spring hatches tend to focus only during afternoon. There are only a few of die-hard anglers (including myself!) who are eager to show up at the creek early in the morning. Those anglers are expecting an Early Bird Bonus = early morning midge hatches. When it's relatively warm without severe winds, midge hatches and rises of trout are fantastic to see!! However, those trout are some of hardest bunch to take!!
After sampling number of stomach contents, I have noticed abundance of midge pupae and adults emerging/leaving from their pupal shucks. Also observation of rise forms told me trout, especially BIIIIG ONES!!, were taking something with "Dorsal-Tail" rise forms. They must have been feeding on something subsurface. So here is my idea. So named simply combining PUPA & EMERGER.

Again it's a creation of Life Flex.

Been proven one by one and I was gaining confidence with Pupaerger.......


Then this was the ultimate proof of success!!!

Another massive trout caused this with just one hook-up.......

PRICE: $2.25
SIZES: 20 & 22
TYING INSTRUCTION in my YouTube channel. 

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