Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PMX Variations

DESCRIPTION: Doug Swisher's PMX (available from Montana Fly Company & its dealer shops) is definitely one of the BEST-MUST-HAVE attractor dry-flies when you fish big rivers like Yellowstone River. It has all the best elements of attractor dry-flies. Last summer, misc. size & color variations were favorites for both guides and clients. When shop supplies became out of stocks or when I went fishing myself with friends, I used mine. I tie slightly different from original. My versions worked very well and all summer I had to fill up my own boxes in the middle of busy guide season!! It was that good!! With 2X-Long curved hook (Dai-Riki 280 or MFC 7231) and a bushier tail, I express larger silhouettes on purpose. This seems to offer effect and silhouette of large foam attractors. Then, instead of original peacock herls, I use Micro Lucent Chenille in Pecock (available form Montana Fly Company). That will add durability and some bulk!! I have tied and stocked for my own and my clients for this coming summer (hopefully it might last.....). You should stock some too if you are planning to visit Yellowstone country!!



A few out of many proof pics will follow.....

COLORS FOR PARA-POST: I use either white or light pink, which are both very visible. Unless it's specified, tyer's choice.
COLORS FOR LEGS: I have several different solid colors and barring patterns. Unless it's specified, tyer's choice. I use one size larger for size 10, compared to sizes 12 & 14. 
SIZE: 10, 12, & 14 

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