Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Creek Stone Nymph

DESCRIPTION: Another secret "Big Trout" fly is revealed. Close your eyes and raise your hand(s) if your answer is I DO for the following question: how many of you have known the existence of stonefly population in Livingston's spring creeks? You do? Then have you seen an exclusive fly design? Here it is. Species I collect either by kick-seining or stomach-pumping is Golden Stone. I designed so it would be sparse and not-so-over-dressed, just like any other spring-creek patterns. Result was immediate success with tons of trout!! I caught two "two-footer" browns already!! If you happen to fail to catch trout with this in spring creeks, use it in Yellowstone River!!

Original Dark Olive (Scud Back)

"Thin Skin" Version (Mottled Golden)

SIZE: 8 or 10
COLOR: Original Dark Olive or Thin-Skin (Mottled Golden) Version
PRICE: $2.50
TYING INSTRUCTION available upon request in Word File. Also look for a video in my YouTube channel. 

Proof pics!!

Split Shuck Emerger

DESCRIPTION: Fishing for midge hatches at Yellowstone River and Livingston's spring creeks, especially during winter months, I often find struggling emerging pupae and their shucks by seining water surfaces and stomach-pumping. More than often, trout key on that stage of hatch even when adult midges are abundant on the surface and in the air. This is my brandnew arsenal for that kind of situation. It's been gladly taken even by the pickiest trout in skinny water of spring creeks!!

Top view.

Look at these pictures of stomach-pump results!!

SIZE: 18, 20, & 22
PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available in a Word File or video in my YouTube channel.