Monday, December 17, 2012


DESCRIPTION: In the late (fall) and early (spring) fishing at spring creeks in Livingston, spawners and followers munch on eggs and anything tasty. Especially when insect hatch is sparse, scud and sowbug are very important. Problems to me have been: soft-egg and regular Ray Charles variations are easy to be chewed off because I fish a lot and catch tons!! I needed to reinforce. During the process, I ended up combining "scud" + "egg" = "SCEGG" (su-kegg). It's been taken as scud. sowbug, and/or egg. It works even after spawning phases are over.
For more stories, wait for my YouTube video or look for my tying instruction sheet.


Need I say more??

SIZE: 10 & 12
PRICE: $2.25 each.
TYING INSTRUCTION available in a Word File, also can be found in my YouTube channel.

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