Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yellowstone & Madison Mother's Day Caddis Essentials

DESCRIPTION: Here in Paradise Valley, we local anglers hope to see Mother's Day Caddis (Grannom or Brachycentrus) along Yellowstone River every spring. They are expected to hatch in late April to early May, at which annual run-off is also predicted. We'd like to have one more dry-fly fishing before run-off totally shuts down fishing for next two months....... Spring of 2012 ended up great, almost miracle!! Warm days in late April caused run-off then suddenly freezing weather came for several days which subsided run-off without affecting water temp! Trout were up for Grannom again!!

Also, Lower Madison, just outside of Bozeman, produces some phenomenal hatches!!  Unlike Yellowstone River, this tailwater section doesn't have run-off turbid water (occasionally Ennis Lake above may be stirred by violent winds and river can be off-color for a short while). This section can be fished like a spring creek!! Hitting it right, it can produce some large ones!!! Here's my most memorable catch on Unnamed Caddis!!!

Here are my favorite patterns that have been producing.
Unnamed Caddis - Mother's Day Egg Sack
I like this pattern a lot. A dubbing portion to imitate the egg sack catches trout's eyes as well as yours!!

Para Fluttering Mother's Day Caddis
So you would drive along either river and billions of caddis hit your windshield. Once you stand along the river, hundreds of caddis will crawl over you! BUT!! Are trout rising or coming up on your dry-fly offerings? Perhaps but not whole a lot. Real rising starts in the evening when caddis come back to water surface to lay eggs. Under the remaining last light, even the most buoyant dry-fly is almost all impossible to see. We need something that stands out.......... That's when this unconventional parachute pattern earns a spot. Parachute makes a nice contrast and sticks up on the surface without disturbing the caddis silhouette. And this can be fished for either quiet drift or fluttering effect by adding some manipulation.

My own Double Soft Hackled Caddis in Mother's Day version. This is THE KILLER!! Don't Forget to trail this behind whatever dry-fly you choose!!
PRICE: $2.25 each

Get ready for next spring!!

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