Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Partridge Soft-Hackle Variations

DESCRIPTION: OLD but NEW. Simple yet beautiful partridge soft-hackles should always be kept  in your boxes. This page is meant for sales so history and other background stories are beyond the realm. (take a look at my highly acclaimed YouTube video!!
I still tie them and love to fish with them. As you can see in my video, I tie slightly different from traditional styles. If you love to discuss soft-hackles with me, regardless of purchases, let's talk till cows come home!!

What I post here are very basic patterns from my inventory (imagination). I will add new ones as time goes by.

Green (Gossamar silk)

Orange (Ultra Thread)

Peacock (herl or micro chenille)

Claret/Purple (Gossamar silk)

SIZE: I primary tie on Dai-Riki 280 size 16. If you request other hook types or sizes, please let me know your idea. I will discuss before selling you.
PRICE: $2.25 each

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