Friday, November 16, 2012

Parachute Ant

DESCRIPTION: This is just a classic pattern. But I'm posting here to emphasize how important ants can be!! Some fly-shops actually don't carry this pattern either. Very visible and can be fished by itself or be an indicator fly above beetle or dropper nymphs too. My Combo Ant below is great but it never hurts to carry different ant patterns in your boxes!! So if you don't know how to tie or your local fly shops don't carry one, let me know!! Either way, if you ever visit Yellowstone Country (Yellowstone National Park and SW Montana), you'd better have this!!!

Stomach sample from Cutthroat caught in DePuy Spring Creek (

High-shouldered Rainbow from Lower Meadow of Slough Creek also fell on this Para Ant!!

This was really BIG!! in my memory from Lower Slough........just slipped away from my self-timer mode...........
More stomach samples.

SIZE: 14, 16, & 18
COLOR: black & cinnamon, dark brown
PRICE: $2.25 each

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