Friday, November 16, 2012

Mr. O-O (October-Orange)

DESCRIPTION: This invention of mine is way beyond my expectation!! It catches BIG fall-run trout, browns and rainbows, one after another!! NO OTHER FALL SOFT-HACKLE CAN PRODUCE AS CONSISTENT AS Mr. O-O!! O-O stands for October-Orange, which translates a die-hard fall-angler who always dresses himself with ORANGE hat, ORANGE shirt, and ORANGE scarf = ME!!

Followings are proof pictures more than you need!!

Here's Mr. O-O himself!!
 Give me a break.......

All above were caught by "swing" but this one (and many more I'm not showing) was caught under indicator rig. I trailed with an egg pattern on purpose for experiments but O-O out-fished eggs!!

SIZE: 8 & 10
PRICE: $2.50
TYING INSTRUCTION available in Word File & can be found in my YouTube channel.

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