Wednesday, November 7, 2012

L.L. Beads

DESCRIPTION: L.L. abbreviates “leech & larva” and it’s named so someday this fly would be as famous as one of worldwide popular outdoor retailers!? Jokes asides, I came up to such a simple fly based on my observation at Livingston’s Spring Creeks. One day I caught a brown trout infested by tiny leeches on its body. Also all of my kick-seine samplings and stomach pumping from trout I caught have always shown countless midge and caddis larva (no wonder as they are abundant). Overall, put it simply, basically those creatures are “wormy”….. I was wondering a design to combine all at once.
     Once I got an idea, I experimented at DePuy’s. After I experienced several hooking and losing, I considered the number of beads. Although slotting one more bead would make a better looking, that will narrow the hook-gap. Hence it causes more losing after bites. So I settle with one less.
     As for colors, black and red are most dominant. As for sizes, size 16 represents the most versatile and intermediate food form (tiny leeches, caddis larva, and midge/chronomid larva). Sizes 20 & 22 are specifically for midge larva. 

SIZES & COLORS:  16, 20, & 22 in BLACK or RED.

Proof from DePuy's!!

Caddis Larva from stomach sampling of DePuy's trout!! Segmented case and flashy olive head showing from it. No wonder L.L works so well!!


PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available in both Word File & in video at my YouTube Channel. 


  1. Great flies Satoshi! I've done the same with a size 10 with white and/or tan beads for a grub or worm. I LOVE using beads! They're cheap, easy, and make for some "fishy and catchy" flies! Can't wait to fish DePuy's with you one of these days!

    Sky Jones

    1. Thanks Sky.
      Originally it was only with thread dam. But I added some flash to catch people's eyes first. That looks way better.
      You can find me any time at DePuy's. Call me for wind reports. I might be hitting next couple of days under snow......