Saturday, November 3, 2012

COYOTE-Version 2 (Double Pheasant Soft Hackle)

DESCRIPTION: My original "COYOTE" (links are not needed, aren't they?) caught lots of attention from trout and industry. However, I couldn't sit still. It's still orange and Ringneck Pheasant feathers. But for Version 2, I added Golden Pheasant materials which makes brighter silhouette. Plus, by using steelhead/salmon hooks, this version penetrates water faster to target the depth where trout are holding.
As COYOTE, this is primarily designed to target large fall-run browns and rainbows. But also it can imitate October Caddis, drowned stonefly, minnow, baby trout, and something edible!!

3 colors available.
Aftershaft Thorax - Natural
Orange Ostrich Thorax
Yellow Ostrich Thorax


 Proud Angler in ORANGE!!

SIZE: Steelhead/salmon hook size 8
PRICE: $2.50 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available upon request or check my YouTube videos.

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