Sunday, November 11, 2012

Combo Ant

DESCRIPTION: Idea of this pattern is, as its name suggests, that I combined typical features and materials of common patterns all in one. It's not as lousy as it may look. Instead it definitely shows something new that trout have never seen before!! It's been proven at DePuy Spring Creek and Lower Meadow section of Slough Creek. I don't think any lengthy explanations needed for these two creeks and trout there. This is very visible so you can fish by itself or even as an indicator fly for less visible ants or beetles. Of course you can trail behind hoppers. Then you will experience trout actually take this one rather than hoppers!!



Look all of these proof pics!!

Large (and picky!!) trout from Lower Slough did this................
Always ant inside........
PRICE$2.25 each
COLOR: Black and Cinnamon
SIZE: 14, 16, 18
TYING INSTRUCTION available upon request in Word File. Or check my YouTube video.

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