Friday, October 26, 2012


The first one for the season will be brandnew meat-patties as you requested!!

DESCRIPTION: NEW Articulated streamer patterns keep coming any time. I myself always hit some idea or make some twitches with currently available patterns at my bench. My all time go-to is Double Bunny (with barbell-eye = my version). But someone once complained my "4.5-inch" Bunnies are a bit too stiff at tails. It's not only my problems as these are tied in Size 2 4XL hooks and bunny hides are attached with super-glue. Anyway DB is always effective due to its silhouette and possibility of combination of any colors. My wish & quest have been to add some bulk for the head. I adapted "sexy" color and head of Sex Dungeon successfully!! Then to answer some demands, I made it articulated for more movements.

So you can order each of predecessor or try this one-&-only brandnew articulation!!

Size: 4.5-inch long
Black x Yellow (Attractor)

Chinchilla x White (minnow/whitefish)

Olive x Chinchilla (baby rainbow)

Olive x Tan (sculpin)

Tan x White (general baitfish)

Also available in
Black x Olive (Sculpin), Brown x Yellow (attractor), Black x White (Integration), Black x Black,

PRICE: $4 each

TYING INSTRUCTION available upon request for serious tyers.

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