Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yummy Gummy Egg

Description: This is nothing new. It's tied with Otter's Soft Egg Material (available at Montana Fly Company dealers). I just added "milky & sparkly" effect. It's been a massive hit last fall to even now in the middle of winter. I've been asked what kind of egg it is and which materials are used. The way I add Zelon fibers is my own idea though it's no-brainer, yet very "catchy" to both eyes of ours and trout's. Some tyers who really don't know how to handle this egg material simply poke it on a hook.........Super wrong & worthless. It will come off before the first bite. It has to be glued. I even glue well after whip-finish. Still, this fly can be broken after 3 BIG that case don't blame me instead just look at those 3 magnificent fish!!

Available in Yellow/Apricot,

and Pink.

Here are proof pics out of way too many bruisers from last fall till now.

 One of my clients got a massive brown too.
Size: tied on size 12 egg-hook.
Color: Yellow/Apricot should cover eggs for rainbow, brown, and whitefish. Carrying Pink with you should cover when targeting trout swimming behind salmon runs at coastal rivers.
Price: $2.25 each.
Flies will be packed in a little container.