Monday, December 17, 2012


DESCRIPTION: In the late (fall) and early (spring) fishing at spring creeks in Livingston, spawners and followers munch on eggs and anything tasty. Especially when insect hatch is sparse, scud and sowbug are very important. Problems to me have been: soft-egg and regular Ray Charles variations are easy to be chewed off because I fish a lot and catch tons!! I needed to reinforce. During the process, I ended up combining "scud" + "egg" = "SCEGG" (su-kegg). It's been taken as scud. sowbug, and/or egg. It works even after spawning phases are over.
For more stories, wait for my YouTube video or look for my tying instruction sheet.


Need I say more??

SIZE: 10 & 12
PRICE: $2.25 each.
TYING INSTRUCTION available in a Word File, also can be found in my YouTube channel.

Double CDC Emerger

DESCRIPTION: An innovative material from Montana Fly Co, Henry's Fork Hackle Ultra Light has become staple at my tying bench and been helping me design wonderful flies!! This is one of those patterns. Even pickiest trout in Livingston's spring creeks can't resist "one-two punch" of two CDC colors!! This can be fished "on the film", "in the film", and "beneath the film"!!

BWO (Baetis): olive size 18, 20, 22

PMD: Yellow size 16 & 18

One of those picky inspectors!

Specify size & color upon orders.
PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available in a Word File, also can be found in my YouTube channel. 

MMM (Matt's Moose Mosquito)

DESCRIPTION: Another homework from my hunting couple friends. This time I was given a big patch of moose hide. As of now ideas to incorporate to streamers and nymphs have not been done yet. However, little cousin was born and it's been picking up trout during midge hatches at Yellowstone River and DePuy's Spring Creek. I'd like to call this emerger/adult. Tying video has already been shot. It will soon be posted at my YouTube channel.

 I seem to have a life-time supply.........

SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22
PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available in both Word File and in a video in my YouTube Channel.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mummy Snail

DESCRIPTION: Long awaited (!?) secret pattern of mine is finally here. Trust me, there's not many snail patterns in public (Google it!!). However, my stomach pumping always collect snails. This was my answer and result has been way beyond my expectation. For more detailed stories, order a Tying Instruction along with flies or wait for my YouTube update.

Below, no explanations needed..........

PRICE$2.25 each
SIZE: 14, 16, 18, 20 with Dai-Riki 280COLOR: Shown is my standard (brown/tan/black) but I can come up with new colors upon request. Email me picture of snails you want to imitate.
TYING INSTRUCTION available in both Word File and in my YouTube Channel.

Pheasant Puff

DESCRIPTION: I came up with this patter several seasons ago. The more I tie large soft-hackles with pheasant feathers, the more I tie this as well..........It's been proven its effectiveness. It should be considered as one of arsenals during any mayfly hatches at spring creeks. It can be fished as a dry-fly, half-sunken emerger, or ascending nymph/emerger. By simply adjusting size and color, this will imitate pretty much any mayfly species.
This is why it's named so.......
COLOR (abdomen and thorax): Light olive, olive, gray, Sulpher, Rusty
SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22 with Dai-Riki 310
PRICE: $2.25 each. Please specify color & size!
TYING INSTRUCTION is available in both Word File and in my YouTube channel.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BPC (Bead, Pheasant, & Copper)

DESCRIPTION: Guiding for Parks Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT, I won't leave the shop without Bead, Hare, & Copper nymphs, period!! If BHC is a slight modification of an old classic Beadhead Hare's Ear, my reasoning is "how about modifying an old classic Beadhead Pheasant Tail?".......... So I basically "beefed up" everything!!

Tail and legs are also pheasant fibers.

Partridge for tail and legs.

This has been proven to work at both rivers and spring creeks around here!!
 Massive brown!!
 This trout made my day!! It was worth braving the cold!!
Don't worry you will catch small ones too!!

SIZE: 10, 12, 14, 16
PRICE: $2.25 each
Specify Pheasant or Partridge. Both work just the same. It's just a choice of color and appearance for your eyes.
TYING INSTRUCTION available in both Word file and in my YouTube Channel. 

Winged Victory Nymph (- BWO = baetis)

DESCRIPTION: This would probably be the most innovative match-the-hatch pattern that I have ever worked on. It's a floating nymph. However, I expressed protruding wings, split case, and eyes.......It was really an "EYE-POPPING" moment when I created eyes almost all like an accident. It was thankfully named by one of Blog readers after Winged Victory of Samothrace. I liked it immediately!! It's already brought me several Victories indeed!!
For more detailed stories and tying instructions, order a written tying instruction or wait for my YouTube video.
side view
 Ascending view

Top view.

These were ones who got me think!!
 During test-driving, it was already "wide-open"..............

It didn't take long to prove its effectiveness!!
 Victory moment 1!! Nice solid 'Bow from DePuy's!! (
Brown likes it too!!

Then this is by far the biggest Victory!! Fall-run brown trout from Yellowstone River to DePuy's rose and took WV during heavy BWO hatch!!

SIZE: 18 & 20
PRICE: $2.25 each
TYING INSTRUCTION available upon request in Word File. Or can be found in my YouTube Channel.

Flymph (Master Angler Version)

DESCRIPTION: Flymph = classic soft-hackle/wet = is still a staple anywhere in the world. Ties show here are slightly different from traditional methods. Traditional ties employ exclusively hen hackles for tails and hackle and dubbing loop body but Master Angler versions alternate those while keeping same silhouette and effectiveness. I like these versions better. For hackles, I use partridge, sterling, or Coq de Leon hen cape. Hook is also replaced by straight-eye dry hook. One can use this  "on the film", "in the film", and "beneath the film".
You'd better keep these in your boxes if planning to pay visits to Livingston's spring creeks.
 Light olive
 dark olive
Rusty Spinner and Sulpher cream are not shown.

SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22
PRICE: $2.25 each
Please specify colors and sizes. I'd like to hear special requests for hackle materials etc.....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

PT & TB Nymph

DESCRIPTION: So I can't emphasize how important Pheasant Tail Nymphs and its variations are. These are further variations of nymph patterns that are essentials and must-haves for fishing spring creeks in Livingston and anywhere in the world. Besides Pheasant Tail (PT), these have touches of Turkey Biots (TB). By changing and adjusting sizes, colors, and materials, you can cover pretty much any Mayfly species at any conditions.
These are totally UNWEIGHTED. You can fish this as floating nymphs or let them sink naturally by their own weight.

 Light Olive
 Dark olive.

 Light olive
 Dark olive

SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22
PRICE: $2.25 each.
Please specify type (hackle tip or PT), color, and size.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spring Creek Mayfly Soft Hackle

DESCRIPTION: This super simple soft-hackle can be a KILLER during any mayfly hatches. I have three different colors to show you and they are tied in different sizes. But also I use two different hook styles. Emerger hooks to FISH THE SURFACE FILM and Scud hooks to let it sink naturally IN THE FILM or BELOW THE FILM.
As for colors, we typically categorize PMD = light olive but PMD can be darker olive or somewhat gray-ish. They might come all on the same day or one day is different from next.

 Light olive
SIZE: 16, 18, 20, 22
COLOR: olive, light olive, gray, rusty (not shown), cream (not shown)
HOOK STYLE: Emerger (light), Scud (heavy)
PRICE: $2.25 each
Specify size, color, hook style upon orders!!