Monday, December 5, 2011

S.C.Ant (Queen & Male)

Description: S.C. = Slough Creek. Without this fly, your catch will be SCANT!! I can't emphasize my experience at Slough that I came across the sudden & huge Flying Ant Mating swarm (click for my old post)!! Scene of swarming insects and gulping trout was unbelievable but I was not ready for this sudden event and was totally knocked out......Yet I quickly developed new patterns (both queen and male) and head back to the creek. Then I was lucky enough to encounter the SWARM again and I solved the puzzle with these (click for how I did).

Let's see Queen first from side,


and bottom.

Here's how it looks on my fingers,

And here's how the actual looks on my finger!!

Then males are almost like midges.

This is how it looks on my finger,

And this is how the actual looks on my finger!!

Look at this violent Cutbow who gulped the Queen!!!

Price: $2.25 each. 
Size: Queen = size 10 and 12
         Male = size 20, 22, and 24

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