Monday, November 14, 2011

Midge Larva Assortment

Description: Midge larva can be trout snack any time if not all the time. Plenty of patterns have been created and tested. Each pattern can be deadly and have a spot or two in our fly boxes. I picked up 10 patterns out of this book, which pretty much serves like an encyclopedia, and would like to offer you in a special price.
Included are;
Disco Midge

Flashbou Larva Pearl

Flashbou Larva Red

Forgotten Midge

Micro Management

Miracle Midge

Miracle Midge-Beadhead

Thread Body Larva-Cream

Thread Body Larva-Red

Peacock & Yellow Larva Style (soft-hackle)

Price: $15 per set (of 10 patterns above)
Size: all in 20 or 22 (mix-up available. We will discuss upon orders.)
Flies will be packed in a small plastic box.

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