Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gray Drake Essentials

Description: Gray Drake is one of the most important and enjoyable hatches in Yellowstone Park waters. This large mayfly does move large trout at Madison, Gibbon, Slough, etc. Here are 4 essentials for your boxes!! All in size 12 and that's all you need.

Sparkle Dun: This Yellowstone classic is still the best.

Gray Drake Cripple: Very visible and imitates impaired, crippled, fluttering, and emerging duns.

Gray Drake Foam Dun: I modified the commercial extended body pattern into much slender and less bushy appearance. This should suit much better at spring-creek like sections of Park waters.

Gray Drake Foam Nymph: Tied ugly and shaggy on purpose, this imitates emerging nymphs to the surface film. This is suggested to fish behind either one of above flies.

Here are a few out of many nice trout caught during Gray Drake hatch this summer.

Size: 12 is all you need.
Price: $2.25 each.

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