Thursday, March 24, 2011

BHB Soft-Hackle Ray Charles

BHB stands for "Big-Horn" & "Hot-Bead".
Description: A simple Ray Charles in pink far more out-fished my own Royal Ray Charles. I hang up both of my arms and surrender. There really doesn't exist scud in pink but somehow it works in Bighorn. And then there are some more effective scud patterns for Bighorn so I combined them all. I combined a fire-bead pattern, soft-hackle sow-bug pattern, and Ray Charles.

This 18-incher was some of the best during the week among all of us, caught on a pink scud.

I also tie in a natural sow-bug color.

Price: $2.25 each. Flies will be packed in a little container.
Size: 16 & 18.
Color: pink, olive, & gray. Then again for Bighorn, pink is somehow the best.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rusty Spinner Flymph Style

If you are like me, you might call this another lazy fly like a baetis soft hackle pattern below. With this one, the reason being lazy is not because of size and visibility but the time of the day.
Description: Epeorus hatch is well-known through Madison below Quake Lake during summer. Their emergence occur in the evening and continue into spinner falls till dark. (So is another well-known Hydropsyche caddis hatch, but no stories or flies here.) Both Epeorus and caddis actions continue way after 10pm. But people start to leave around 8:30pm. Ones who remain would feel lucky but surroundings would look too lonely, especially for a solo angler like me. Anyway some good and visible spinner patterns and your headlight should help you catch fish. But being a soft-hackle mania, I believe this idea of mine surly will do some work. Flymph is often introduced as an emerger pattern, but also since it's fished subsurface, it can be a drowned spinner, a egg-laying adult sucked under the film and washed away. Instead of original shaggy and baggy flymph tying, I made a skinny body with super-fine-dub in a spinner style. Yet I wrapped with a small gold tinsel and finished the hackle with the flymph style. This fly should be fished as a dry-fly (with floatant) and swung after dead-drifts. Or if your mind is on your footsteps in the dark (with or without a headlight), just swing it. You don't have to see it, instead just feel the tug. So I really feel this fly combines all the theories, situations, and tactics at least in my mind. Then again it can be so in public only if you are a soft-hackle mania........

Not exactly with this pattern, but I did catch one nice rainbow in the dark by swinging a flymph. It was a bit after 10pm. To emphasize its effect and the situation, it was at just below $3 Bridge parking lot.

Price: $2.25 each.  Flies will be packed in a little container.

Size: 14, 16, 18, 20 with 1XL nymph hook (TMC 3761 or Dai-Riki 060).