Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome!! Fly Shop Open!!

Grand Opening!!
I finally decided to show all of my flies and sell them in public.
Planning for maybe a month and investing 0 peso, now it's good to go thanks to the Blogger.
First of all, it will be a temporal shop until I get busy with breeding cows, fishing myself, and guiding some in spring. I wish I could have started earlier but it's OK. I had other things to do and re-take lots of fly pictures for better quality.
And I came up with a fair pricing, compared to other retailers, including shipping.
It will be an old school fly shop; I take your orders, you send me a check, and I tie flies and send them to you.
I am not going to pick up from my boxes as they are for my use for this coming season. So I can answer some requests if there will be.
My Regal Vise is good to go and ready to work more!!
Here are my recent ties for some steelhead patterns. Those will be posted soon.

What I'm going to do; I basically post one fly at a time with a price, description, how to use, and my catching result pictures. For some flies, I can sell tying instructions too.
All the flies will be tied for their specifications with constancy. All the hooks used are either Dai-Riki or TMC. And I am very discriminatingly picky and selective about materials to buy at the shops.
In search of flies you are interested in, there will be a "Label" on right side of the screen such as dryfly, mayfly, caddis, nymph, etc so on.
I am not expecting big money at all. Just wondering how many "Dollar Menu" I can expect......... just kidding. I just want to show my flies for everyone who loves to fly-fish and I'm confident most of you find them useful and see more fish with these flies!!

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