Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soft Hackle Streamer

Another copy from Jack Gartside.

Description: There are Original and New Wave by Mr. Jack's definition. Several differentiations are single or multi color and feathers used for collar. Bottomline is that it's easy and fun to tie and never fails to catch fish! But if you don't have time and materials to complete this fly or if you don't quite get a hang of handling marabou (as Mr. Jack explains at the instruction for New Wave), I can tie them for you! I love to swing them among currents and riffles and then strip here and there every now and then. This is one of my must-haves when I go fishing Madison in the Park in the fall.

All time favorites are, as in other streamer patterns, black and


This is how it works.

And one more.

Now two-color combinations available are: black/white,

yellow/brown (brown trout trigger colors!!),

and olive/brown (mottled sculpin!!).

NOTE: for the collar, I use webby section of grizzly saddle for all of my ties. It just seems grizzly white/black is blended naturally with any marabou colors.

Price: $2.25 each.  Color assortment is available upon request. Flies will be packed in a little container or bag.

Color: black, white, olive, yellow, tan, white/black, yellow/brown, olive/brown. I might experiment other color combinations at my bench.
Size: tied on Dai-Riki 930 #6 (saltwater hook) and 2-inch long.

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