Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slump Buster - Mini

Description: Slump Buster by John Barr is nothing new instead there are lots of good reviews and tying instructions online. Yet here in my fly sales catalogue, I'd like to promote a certain variation of Slump Buster which is a real KILLER that works at three of Paradise Valley spring creeks. Most of you would expect that spring creeks must be fished with dry flies all year and 6X tippet is way too big!! You can be right but if you sit around here in Livingston and observe trout's behavior, those big trout are always hungry and eager to bite on streamers and leeches.

Tied with silver conehead, copper body, and squirrel strip, this will represent leech, baby trout, sculpin, all at once. If you don't have much skills or times to slot a conehead nicely in order to complete this fly, I can tie them for you!!

Here are a few proof pictures out of many. Nice rainbow munched on it.

Brown trout couldn't resist to bite on it.......

Here's my grip-&-grin at Armstrong.

Price: $3.50 each. Flies will be packed in a little container.

Size: 10 & 12 with curved 2XL curved hook

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