Friday, February 11, 2011

Rubber Leg

Description: If one has to choose only one fly to catch trout all the time and all through the year at rivers in Southwest Montana like Madison, Gallatin, and Yellowstone, it has to be either sculpin or stonefly nymph patterns. Fishing this big nymph is not as speedy as fishing with sculpin patterns. But if you don't mind chucking & ducking a heavy nymph rig slowly with some patience, you will be rewarded. Rubber Leg is so famous and practical also it's easy to tie. But if you don't have time or just being lazy to tie, I can fill your boxes in misc. colors and sizes. My ties are heavily weighted in order to sink deep and quick at fast currents in Madison and deep troughs of Yellowstone. Variegated chenilles helps me to tie in various colors.

In my experience, this black x orange and
black x coffee are always great as imitating large salmonfly nymphs or just stonefly nymphs in general.

Then once in a while these colors are needed. Brown x black as meant to be a Golden stonefly nymph.

Something olive will work too every now and then.

Anyway here are proof shots.

Price: $2.25 each. Flies will be packed in a container. 

Sizes & Colors: black/orange in 4 & 6, black/coffee in 6 & 8, yellow/brown in 6 & 8, olive in 6 & 8. Mix of sizes and colors assortment will be available upon requests.

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