Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Invader - Special ONE

Description: As said below Home Invader is a special fly then this color and size is "SUPER SPECIAL" for me. Doug originally gave me as a sculpin pattern for spring creeks in Livingston. Before and after the hatch, I fish very aggressively with it and trout come on it aggressively!! On a good day, two or three are literally chewed off and one or two are lost by big ones along with a piece of tippet. Furthermore, I do pitch them in the river and it has been bringing lots of big and aggressive trout, period!! It must represent sculpin and baby trout. Then again the pulse of fly will cause the instinct impulse within trout!!

Let's see the proof shots. Every time when I review these pics, my hands aches.
20-incher from Armstrong!

Big one from Nelson's.

A monster Westslope Cutty.

And the record for both me and Home Invader, 34-inch (15-lb give or take) Chinook salmon!!

TMC 700 hook held this giant though it was size 6!!

Price: $4.00 each.
Size: 6 & 8
natural fox-tail + marabou (sculpin olive or yellow/brown). I also use pheasant ramp plume for more natural looking.

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