Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fat Albert - Black (cricket, ant, beetle)

Description: Fat Albert is nothing new but a public terrestrial pattern already. Oftentimes, it's interpreted as a hopper or just a huge attractor so it's typically tied in tan. Not bad but when we fish for terrestrials, we often underrate crickets, ants, and beetles due to hoppers' visibility and chaos stories around. For the same reason, I don't see any Fat Albert tied in my perception at any other fly shops' websites or catalogues. I created a dark silhouette for crickets, ants, and beetles, but also it still keeps hopper appearance as well. Either way, egg yarn tied as an indicator will help us track this fly regardless of color or casting distance. Hence, it should serve as a "hopper-dropper" fishing as well.

Price: $2.25 each. Flies will be packed in a little container.
Size: 6 for cricket and 12 & 14 for (meaty) ant and beetle.

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