Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Double Bunny with Barbell Eyes

One of the all time favorite streamers ever by Scott Sanchez.

Description: I did tie Scott's original with epoxy on the head. But I figured if I use the barbell eyes, I don't have to use epoxy (shape it while your fingers get cemented, wait & sit till dried). Yet barbell eyes put more weight on the front of the head to sink it quicker also make this fly into a keel pattern = upside down = in the water for less snagging.
Furthermore, I tied them over 4-inch long on purpose!!!! Quite a generous amount of bunny skins. Typical factory tied Double Bunny you see at fly shops are barely 3-inch long. And one day a guide said to me "your bunnies are too huge!!" and I answered "I tied them on purpose!!". Do you know who carries this big Double Bunny in Montana? As far as I know it's at Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn. I was glad when I saw them as I was in the same track with Kelly.

Does this work? Yes, mine was crushed while fishing Yellowstone River,

by these brutes.

Other colors available are: all in black,

Integration = black & white,

black & chinchilla,

olive & chinchilla,

and brown & yellow.

Price: $4.00 each. 
Color: chinchilla & white (must and the best), all in black (another best), black & white, black & chinchilla, olive & chinchilla, brown & yellow (who knows?)
Size: tied on Dai-Riki 700 #2 and over 4-inch long. Again, it's a generous amount of bunny skins and it's meant to target only trophy trout. But only if you don't like them, you can snip them off with your scissors for your desired length.

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