Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brindle Sparrow

Famous Jack Gartside's Sparrow - with a touch of my idea.

Description & Story Behind: Sparrow is the all-around fly as Jack puts it. It can represent anything by the way you fish with it. Basically one can fish it as a nymph, swing downstream like a soft-hackle, and strip it like a bugger!! Jack calls himself lazy as he doesn't change flies oftentimes. Now I found a lazier way to tie Sparrow by using variegated chenille. And it shows more "cross-dresser"effect by combining multi colors at once.

Recently I frequently use this as Salmonfly wet or soft-hackle. 1) Trail under a dry-fly, 16"-18" inch of 3X tippet, and let it sink (no floatant necessary). After the dead-drift, let it swing down-stream. Add twitch/retrieve before re-cast. 2) Rig up two wet-fly rig with, say, caddis soft-hackle (for the season). Fish riffles and any other moving water with classic wet-fly down-stream swing. 

Here are proof shots. I fished this fly upstream with a nymph rig, I caught brown.
On my way back fishing downstream, I swung this fly and I caught this whitefish. Yes, whitefish on swing!! I caught more whitie with my Brindle Sparrow on this day and it was ruined when removing it from their jaw because they really hooked themselves hard!! Unbelievable!!

Now here's a real catch via traditional swing at Barns' Pool on Madison in the Yellowstone Park!!

Other color variations here.
Golden Stone

General Stonefly

Colors: black/orange (top), yellow/brown (middle), black/coffee (bottom).
Size: all of these three colors are tied on 2XL or 3XL curved hook in size 4, 6, 8
Price: $2.25 each. Flies will be packed in little containers. 
Tying instruction video can be found in my YouTube channel. 

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